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Akshaya Adena

About Candidate

Building up a community Of students, For students, By students!

I’m G Surendar Thina (gsthina), and I graduated B Tech in 2017, and MBA in 2019. Currently, I’m working as a Customer Operations Engineer at Cloudera. In my role, I utilize a combination of soft skills like communication, compassion, listening, and critical thinking, along with my hard skills in Hadoop, Spark, and Yarn.

In addition to my work, I’m actively involved in creating online content where I share my personal experiences from my college days and offer valuable tips for today’s college students.

One of my core passions lies in engaging with enthusiastic students. I’m dedicated to providing them with exposure to the industry through opportunities such as product development, internships, and company visits.

I’ve also initiated a personal project, NoAgendaCoffee (Nac) Meetups, that involves personally mentoring students to support their career growth.

I’m also building a community for college students known as the “Think Digital Students Community.” The aim is to help students build their Portfolio and their Network, which are the two major aspects of any college student.

I’m deeply committed to youth empowerment and am working toward the creation of micro-communities to encourage self-governance among young people. I believe in values like delayed gratification, self-governance, active listening, and envision a world filled with consciously self-governing individuals.

If you have any questions or need assistance with any aspect of my work, feel free to reach out!



MBA - Marketing Management 2017-19
Madras University
B Tech - IT 2013-17
SRM University


Software Engineer 2017 - 2018
Financial Software Systems
Big Data Customer Operations Engineer 2018 - Present
Cloudera Data Platform


Team Management