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The Future Wall , International Yoga Center , 3/655, Kuppam Road, Kaveri Nagar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600041
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The Future Wall – Smart Display Network for Your Business

Established in 2019 by Kaay Innovations, The Future Wall is committed to revolutionizing brand displays through user-friendly IoT-powered solutions. We specialize in delivering efficient, value-driven marketing tools by leveraging technology to enhance digital signage experiences.
The Future Wall is India’s first of its kind to provide both hardware and software on a subscription basis. Our aim is to provide smart in-store broadcast solutions to customers at a reasonable recurring price. By subscribing to our service, you can rent screens at your preferred locations and enjoy unlimited content delivery to your target audience. We understand that there are various challenges associated with digital signage/display solutions, such as the high cost of capital resources, software/technology requirements, improper content management, repair and maintenance costs, and poor service availability. Our subscription addresses these challenges effectively.